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Feabie.com: A Comprehensive Review of the Popular Online Dating Spot


Feabie.com is an online social networking app designed to connect plus-size individuals and admirers in a safe, friendly environment. It was created with the goal of providing users with an opportunity to find like-minded people who share similar interests, values, and goals for their lives. The platform has become increasingly popular over the years due to its unique features that allow members from all walks of life come together in one place regardless of size or shape preferences.

The Feabie community currently consists of more than 1 million active users around the world who use this app as a means for finding friendship and romance within their local area or even across international borders depending on what they are looking for specifically when it comes to relationships and companionship needs. This website was founded by two entrepreneurs named Jacky Dang & Henry Liu back in 2015 as part if their mission statement which stated “to provide our customers with innovative solutions that enable them to meet new friends easily” – something which continues today through its various services such as private messaging systems, forums boards etc..

Currently Feabie is owned by Spark Networks SE – a global dating company headquartered out Berlin Germany but can be accessed anywhere since it operates under several domains including wwwfeabienet (UK), feabei(USA) ,feabiemx (Mexico). Furthermore it also offers apps available both iOS & Android devices so you don’t have any excuse not being able register up right away! What’s great about using these apps is that most basic functions are free however there may be additional costs associated should you decide upgrade your account later down line . But no matter what level user you choose at end day everyone will still benefit from same core features found desktop version site: profile creation tools , photo galleries uploading capabilities along ability post comments other peoples profiles view live streams hosted events happening near future !

How Does Feabie.com Work?

Feabie.com is an app that connects people with a shared interest in gaining and maintaining weight. It provides users with the opportunity to connect, chat, share stories and photos as well as find potential partners for relationships or friendships. The key features of Feabie include profile customization options, private messaging capabilities between members, group chats and forums where topics can be discussed openly among other users from around the world.

Finding profiles on Feabie is easy; you can search by username or browse through different categories such as age range, location (country), body type/weight gain goals etc., so it’s easy to narrow down your search results based on what you are looking for in another user’s profile page. There are two types of users: “Gainers” who want to gain weight while engaging in healthy activities like eating right and exercising regularly; then there are “Maintainers" which focus more on keeping their current shape but still trying new things when it comes to dieting plans & exercise routines – both groups have access to all areas within the app including message boards & forums dedicated solely towards either goal-type mentioned above!

The majority of active members come from five countries: United States (25%), Canada (15%), Australia (10%), UK(7%)and Germany(5%). This means that no matter where you live there will always be someone close enough geographically speaking if not just spiritually connected due too common interests related directly back into this particular niche social network platform – something unique compared against most traditional dating sites out today!

Moreover ,the privacy settings allow each member control over how much information they would like displayed publicly versus privately accessible only by certain individuals chosen at one’s discretion . As far safety goes ,there exists a reporting system designed specifically so any inappropriate behavior gets addressed immediately without having direct contact involved ! Lastly yet importantly ,in order create a sense community within its walls various events hosted throughout year whether online via video conferencing technology or even offline depending upon region . All these factors combined make up why many choose use feebies services !

  • 1.Comprehensive Profile System: Feabie.com offers users the ability to create detailed profiles that include interests, lifestyle choices, and physical attributes so they can easily find compatible matches.
  • 2. Advanced Search Options: With advanced search options like age range, location radius, body type preferences and more; users are able to quickly narrow down their searches for potential partners or friends on Feabie.
  • 3. Private Messaging & Chat Rooms: Users have access to private messaging capabilities as well as chat rooms where members can connect with each other in real-time conversations about topics of interest or simply socialize with one another without any pressure from outside sources such as family or work obligations etc..
  • 4. Activity Feeds & Notifications : Members receive notifications when someone likes them back which allows them stay up-to-date on who is interested in getting to know them better while also being able view activity feeds from people within their network so they never miss out on important updates happening around the site!
  • 5 .Photo Albums & Videos Uploading : Members have the option of uploading photos and videos into albums that others can browse through at their leisure making it easier than ever before for individuals looking for a connection online without having face any awkwardness associated with meeting strangers offline first hand!
  • 6 .Friendship Groups/Events Creation : On top of all this -Feabie has an awesome feature allowing its members create friendship groups based off common interests (i e gaming , sports) OR even plan events together ! This way everyone gets involved instead just relying solely upon individual interactions between two parties only !

Registration – How Easy Is It?

Registering on the Feabie.com app is a simple process that requires only basic information such as your gender, age, and email address. You must be at least 18 years old to register for an account and begin dating on the app. After submitting these details you will receive an activation link in your email which you need to click in order to complete registration. Once registered, users can create their profile by adding photos or videos of themselves along with personal interests or hobbies they may have so other members can get a better idea of who they are before connecting with them online through chat rooms or messaging services available within the platform itself – all free of charge!

  • 1.Create a valid email address
  • 2. Provide personal information such as name, age, gender and location
  • 3. Accept the terms of service and privacy policy
  • 4. Upload an appropriate profile picture that meets Feabie’s guidelines
  • 5. Set up a username with at least 6 characters
  • 6. Choose a password with 8 or more characters including upper-case letters, lower-case letters numbers and symbols 7 . Verify your account by clicking on the link sent to your email address after registration is complete 8 . Complete any additional steps required for verification purposes

Design and Usability of Feabie.com

The Feabie.com app has a bright and cheerful design, with its main colors being pink and blue. The layout is easy to navigate, making it simple for users to find what they are looking for quickly. Profiles of other people can be found by searching through the different categories or using the search bar at the top of each page. Usability wise, this app is very user friendly; all features are easily accessible from one place which makes navigation straightforward even if you’re new to it. With a paid subscription there are some UI improvements such as larger profile pictures that make browsing easier on mobile devices too!

User Profile Quality

Feabie.com is a social networking site for people who are interested in gaining and/or maintaining their health and fitness goals. All profiles on the website are public, so anyone can view them as long as they have an account with Feabie. You can set up your own custom bio that includes information about yourself such as age, gender identity, location (city or state), interests etc., but you cannot hide this info from other users unless you upgrade to a premium subscription plan which offers additional privacy settings like hiding your profile picture or disabling comments from strangers on posts made by you.

The “friends” feature allows users to connect with each other and share content easily while also keeping track of activities within the community; however it does not reveal any personal information beyond what is already included in user profiles such as city name or exact distance between two members if both parties agree to be friends first before viewing each others’ locations . There’s no Google sign-in option available yet but there is Facebook login integration for those who want extra security when signing into their accounts online; additionally all accounts must pass through verification process upon registration which helps reduce fake accounts significantly compared to similar websites without these measures taken place beforehand .

Finally regarding location info mentioned earlier – yes one can choose whether they wish show off where exactly do they live at present time though most would prefer not too due safety reasons thus why Feabie provides ability disable sharing geographical coordinates altogether making it easier keep anonymity even more secure than ever before especially if having Premium membership active since then various features become accessible allowing further customization options otherwise unavailable regular non-paying customers hence resulting better overall experience when using platform daily basis whenever needed desired result achieved faster thanks special privileges granted accordingly afterwards..


Feabie.com is a social network and dating website that caters to people who are interested in gaining or maintaining their weight, either through dieting or exercising. The site offers many features such as forums, chat rooms, photo galleries and more for users to connect with each other over shared interests related to health and fitness. Feabie also has an app which allows members of the community access all the same features on their mobile devices while they’re out-and-about instead of having them tied down by being at home on a computer all day long. The main advantages of using Feabie’s website include its ease-of use interface; it’s free membership option; its ability for users to customize profiles based off what kind of relationship they’re looking for (whether platonic friendship or romantic relationships); plus there are various tools available within the platform like polls/surveys so members can get feedback from others about topics related to health & fitness etc.. On top of this, there is even content created by experts featured throughout different sections giving advice about how best achieve goals set forth when joining up with Feabie initially – whether those be dietary changes you want make in order stay healthy etc… As far as disadvantages go however one may have difficulty finding someone compatible if your location isn’t near any major cities since not everyone uses this service yet unfortunately – but hopefully more will join soon!

The difference between using the web version versus downloading/using the app would mainly come down convenience factor since both versions offer similar functionality: logging into accounts where user profile info stored along w/ messages sent received among friends made via feebies’ services + setting status updates post pics taken phone camera right away without needing upload onto desktop first before sharing online – though depending upon device used some limitations apply still ios android phones tablets respectively due memory space hardware capabilities involved running apps properly… All things considered though overall benefits outweigh costs making worth trying least once see if fits lifestyle needs better than competitors currently market today!

Safety & Security

Feabie.com is a social networking platform for people who are into the feederism and fat admiration lifestyle, which makes it necessary to ensure that users have secure access to their accounts. Feabie has implemented several security measures in order to protect its users from bots and fake accounts, as well as malicious actors trying to gain unauthorized access or steal data.

The first step of user verification involves an email address confirmation process where each account must be verified before being able to use any features on the site. Furthermore, photos uploaded by members are manually reviewed by moderators with strict guidelines in place regarding what type of content can be posted on the website – this helps keep out inappropriate images or videos that could potentially harm other members’ experience while using Feabie’s services. Additionally, two-factor authentication (2FA) is available so users can add another layer of protection when logging into their profiles; this ensures only authorized individuals have access at all times even if someone else were able guess your password somehow! Lastly, Feabie takes privacy seriously and follows industry standards such as GDPR compliance rules – they also provide detailed information about how personal data will be collected & used within their Privacy Policy document located directly onsite for easy reference anytime needed

Pricing and Benefits

Is a Paid Subscription Necessary on Feabie.com?

Feabie.com is an app that connects people who are interested in the same lifestyle and activities, such as fitness or nutrition, with one another for friendship and support. The question of whether users really need to pay for a subscription to use this service arises frequently among potential customers considering using it.

The basic version of the app is free; however, there are additional features available if you choose to upgrade your account by paying for a premium membership plan which costs $9 per month or $60 annually (which works out at only $5/month). These benefits include:

  • Unlimited messaging capabilities – Access exclusive content from other members – Ability to post photos without restrictions – Removal of ads from the platform – A dedicated customer support team – Increased visibility when searching profiles – More detailed search filters

These prices seem quite competitive compared with similar services offered elsewhere online so they could be considered good value depending on how much benefit you get out of them personally. If after signing up you decide that these extra features aren’t worth having then cancelling your subscription should be straightforward enough via their website’s user portal; although refunds may not always be possible due to processing fees incurred by third parties involved in payment transactions etc..

Overall it seems like while many users can make do just fine with the free version alone some might find upgrading worthwhile if they want access more advanced tools and increased visibility within Feabie’s community but ultimately this decision will come down individual preferences based upon what kind usage patterns each person has when interacting through its platform

Help & Support

Feabie.com is a social network and dating site for feeders, feedees, fat admirers and BBW/BHM (Big Beautiful Women/Big Handsome Men). It offers its users the ability to access support in various ways.

The first way you can get help on Feabie is by using their FAQ page which provides answers to commonly asked questions about the website’s features and services. Additionally, if your query isn’t answered there then you are able to contact them via email or through an online form with any additional queries that you may have regarding their service or account issues such as password resets etc.. The response time from customer support staff tends to be quite quick depending on how busy they are at any given time; however most inquiries should receive a reply within 24 hours of submission.

Finally, if it’s urgent then Feabie also offer telephone assistance where customers can speak directly with one of their customer care representatives who will do everything possible to resolve your issue quickly so that you don’t experience further disruption when using the platform’s services. Generally speaking this type of direct contact has proven very successful in helping customers solve whatever problem they’re having without delay – although again this does depend upon availability during peak times etc..


1. Is Feabie.com safe?

Feabie.com is a website that provides an online community for people who are interested in gaining and/or maintaining their health, fitness, or weight goals. The site offers users the ability to connect with others who share similar interests and experiences as well as access resources such as diet plans, workout routines, recipes and more. While Feabie does not guarantee safety from all potential risks associated with using its services (such as identity theft), it takes steps to ensure that user data remains secure by utilizing encryption technology on its platform. Additionally, the site has moderators in place to monitor content posted by members of the community so inappropriate behavior can be addressed quickly if necessary. All-in-all Feabie appears to take appropriate measures when it comes protecting user information which makes this social network relatively safe for those looking for support during their journey towards better physical health

2. Is Feabie.com a real dating site with real users?

Yes, Feabie.com is a real dating site with real users. The website was launched in 2014 and has since grown to become one of the most popular social networking sites for people who are interested in gaining or sharing support regarding their health and wellness goals, as well as finding romance. It’s free to join the site and create an account; once you’re signed up, you can search through profiles of other members based on your preferences (such as age range or location). You can also post pictures, share stories about yourself/your journey towards better health/fitness goals etc., comment on others’ posts, participate in discussion forums related to various topics such as nutrition advice or weight loss tips – all within a safe online environment that encourages positive self-expression without judgment from anyone else. All these features make it easy for singles looking for love connections to find compatible matches among like-minded individuals!

3. How to use Feabie.com app?

Feabie.com is an app designed to help people connect with other like-minded individuals who share similar interests and lifestyles. The app allows users to create a profile, upload photos, search for friends or potential partners based on their preferences, join groups of interest such as fitness enthusiasts or foodies and participate in conversations within the community forums.

The Feabie mobile application provides all the features available on its website version including messaging options that allow you to communicate privately with other members through instant messages (IMs), group chats and video calls if desired. Additionally, it offers a range of helpful tools such as calendar reminders so you can stay organized when planning meetups or events; filters which enable users to narrow down searches by location; badges which are awarded for completing certain tasks such as creating content regularly; notifications that alert you whenever someone has interacted with your profile etcetera . With these useful features at hand , using Feabie becomes much easier than ever before!

4. Is Feabie.com free?

Yes, Feabie.com is free to use! It offers a wide range of features that can be used without any cost. You can create an account and browse through the profiles of other members for free, as well as post comments on their posts or join conversations in chat rooms. There are also plenty of options available when it comes to creating your own profile page and customizing it with photos, videos and even music files from your personal collection. Additionally, you have access to exclusive groups where like-minded people meet up online for various activities such as discussions about food recipes or sharing stories about life experiences – all completely free!

5. Is Feabie.com working and can you find someone there?

Yes, Feabie.com is working and it can be a great place to find someone. The website has a large user base of people who are interested in connecting with others for friendship or romance. There are many different ways to search for potential matches on the site, including searching by interests, location, age range and more. You can also use their advanced filters to narrow down your results even further so you only see profiles that match what you’re looking for exactly. With its easy-to-use interface and extensive selection of users from all over the world, Feabie makes finding someone special simple and enjoyable!


In conclusion, Feabie.com is a great app for those looking to find partners for dating. Its design and usability are user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy to navigate the site quickly. The safety features of the app ensure that users can feel secure when using this platform as their personal information is kept safe from any malicious third parties or hackers who may try to access them without permission. Additionally, help and support services are available if needed which provide quick responses in case of any issues encountered while using the service. Lastly, user profiles on Feabie offer high quality content with detailed descriptions about themselves so potential matches can get an idea of what they’re like before deciding whether or not they’d be compatible together – something that’s definitely beneficial when searching for someone special online! All in all, there’s no doubt that Feabie provides its users with a reliable way to meet new people through its well-rounded set of features; however some improvements could still be made such as providing more comprehensive search filters or adding additional security measures like two factor authentication login options – but overall it’s certainly worth checking out if you’re interested in finding your perfect match!

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