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  • 1. Professional matchmakers
  • 2. Comprehensive profiling process
  • 3. Personalized feedback and coaching
  • 4. Offline events for members
  • Expensive
  • Time-consuming
  • Limited to certain areas/cities
  • Matching process is not always accurate
  • May require in-person meetings


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Three Day Rule Review 2023


Three Day Rule is an online dating platform that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It was founded by Talia Goldstein, a former television producer who had the idea of creating a more personalized and curated approach to matchmaking than what traditional apps offered at the time. The app caters to singles looking for meaningful relationships with other like-minded individuals, regardless of their age or gender identity.

The Three Day Rule app offers users several features designed to make it easier for them to find potential matches based on shared interests and values. Users can create detailed profiles including photos, information about themselves such as hobbies and lifestyle preferences, as well as descriptions of ideal partners they are seeking out. Additionally, users have access to exclusive events where they can meet people face-to-face while also taking advantage of virtual coaching sessions provided by experienced professionals from within the industry who offer advice on how best navigate through modern dating scenarios successfully .

At present there are over 500 thousand active members registered with Three Day Rule spread across five countries – USA , Canada , UK , Australia & India . This number continues growing steadily each day due its reputation among those searching for long term relationships rather than casual flings or hookups which many other platforms tend towards catering too exclusively . Furthermore this growth could be attributed largely in part due its presence both offline & online ; allowing customers access via website / mobile application (available free download ) making it easily accessible no matter ones location when wanting search potential suitors quickly & conveniently without having wait around meeting someone organically during daily activities such regular work hours etc..

Registering oneself onto Three Days Rules requires one complete short questionnaire regarding your personal details along some basic questions concerning yourself; helping provide better understanding individual’s needs/desires so algorithms used behind scenes able accurately suggest suitable candidates whom share similar traits you do enabling user locate perfect partner faster efficiently compared alternatives available market today

How Does Three Day Rule Work?

The Three Day Rule app is a revolutionary dating platform that connects singles all over the world. It allows users to find and connect with potential matches in their area, no matter where they are located. The key features of this app include its intuitive matching algorithm which uses data from user profiles to suggest compatible partners; it also offers an extensive list of filters for searching through other members’ profiles, as well as exclusive access to events hosted by the company itself. Additionally, users can communicate directly via private messaging or video chat within the application itself – making it easier than ever before for people looking for love online!

Finding someone on Three Day Rule is simple: after creating your profile you can search through thousands of available singles based on criteria such as age range, gender identity and location – allowing you to quickly narrow down your options until you find just what you’re looking for! Furthermore there are two types of accounts offered: free membership (which includes basic functionality) or premium subscription (which provides additional benefits). Currently there are millions registered users across five countries including USA , Canada , UK , Australia & India .

In addition to providing an easy way to meet new people who share similar interests and values, Three Day Rule has developed unique ways help individuals get closer faster without having jump into anything too serious right away. For example each member receives three pre-selected match suggestions every day – helping them discover even more interesting prospects while saving time scrolling endlessly through endless lists of strangers’ photos! This feature also encourages meaningful conversations between like minded individuals so that when they do decide take things further offline then both parties have already gotten know one another better first hand experience instead relying solely upon text messages back forth blindly..

Finally once connection been made real life dates become much smoother thanks expert advice provided by certified relationship coaches employed at 3DR headquarters who provide personalized tips tailored towards individual needs situation be sure make most out opportunity meeting special someone face face rather than wasting precious time worrying about how proceed next step process…

  • 1.Personalized Matchmaking: Three Day Rule matchmakers work with clients to create a personalized dating plan that fits their lifestyle and preferences.
  • 2. Comprehensive Profiling: Our team of experts will get to know you on an individual level, taking into account your interests, values, and goals for the future when selecting potential matches.
  • 3. Professional Photo Shoot: We provide professional photography services so our members can put their best foot forward in finding love online!
  • 4. Date Coaching & Support Services: From helping craft profiles to offering advice before dates – we’re here every step of the way as our members navigate through the world of modern dating!
  • 5 .Dedicated Account Manager : Every member is assigned a dedicated account manager who provides ongoing support throughout their membership journey with us – from initial consultation all the way until they find true love!
  • 6 .Event Planning & Networking Opportunities : We offer exclusive events like happy hours or networking mixers where singles can meet face-to-face while having fun at some great venues around town

Registration – How Easy Is It?

Registering on the Three Day Rule app is a straightforward process. First, you need to provide your basic information such as name, age (you must be at least 21 years old), email address and phone number. Then you will have to create an account with a password of your choice. After that, there are some questions about yourself which help the app match you better with potential partners based on their preferences and interests. Finally, after submitting all this information successfully, users can begin searching for matches or wait until they receive recommendations from the team of professional matchmakers who use algorithms and human intuition in order to find suitable dates for each user according to their profile data provided during registration process. The service is free but if someone wants more personalized services then they may opt-in for premium membership plans available through subscription packages offered by Three Day Rule App .

  • 1.All participants must be 18 years of age or older.
  • 2. Participants must provide valid identification upon registration to verify their identity and age.
  • 3. A signed waiver form is required for all participants prior to participating in any activities associated with Three Day Rule events/programs
  • 4. Payment information (credit card, debit card, etc.) will need to be provided at the time of registration in order for payment processing and confirmation purposes
  • 5 .All registered individuals are expected to abide by the rules set forth by Three Day Rule during participation
  • 6 .Participants should arrive on-time as specified when registering so that they can take full advantage of the program’s offerings
  • 7 .Registered individuals are responsible for their own transportation costs related to attending a Three Day Rule event/program 8 .A refundable deposit may be requested from some registrants depending on circumstances

Design and Usability of Three Day Rule

The Three Day Rule app has a modern and stylish design, with bright colors that make it easy to navigate. The profiles of other users are easily accessible from the main page, making it simple to find potential matches. The usability is great; all features are clearly labeled and laid out in an intuitive way so you can quickly access what you need. With a paid subscription there may be some UI improvements such as more detailed search filters or additional profile customization options.

User Profile Quality

The user profiles on Three Day Rule are public, and can be viewed by anyone who is a member of the site. Each profile contains basic information such as age, occupation, hobbies etc., but there is also an option to set a custom bio for each user. Additionally users have the ability to upload photos and answer questions about themselves in order to give potential matches more insight into their personality. There isn’t currently any “friends” feature or anything similar available on Three Day Rule however they do offer privacy settings which allow users control over what information other members can see about them when viewing their profile.

When creating an account with Three Day Rule you have the option of signing up using either your Google or Facebook accounts if desired; this allows for quick sign-up process without having to manually enter all your details yourself – though it does mean that some personal data may be shared between these services depending upon individual preferences/settings used during setup time . All accounts are monitored regularly so fake ones should not pose too much of a problem; although it’s worth noting that only paying subscribers will gain access full features including messaging capabilities etc..

Location info in profiles is visible at varying levels depending upon whether you’re logged into an active subscription plan or not: free members will usually just get city level detail whereas premium plans often reveal distance from another person’s location (if applicable). This type of data cannot be hidden from view unfortunately – although its accuracy varies based on how frequently people update their own locations within the system itself – however those with paid subscriptions do benefit from extra perks such as increased visibility & additional match suggestions compared against non-paying customers


Three Day Rule has a dating website that offers an exclusive matchmaking experience. The site provides users with the opportunity to meet potential partners through personal consultation and personalized matches, as well as access to events for singles in their area. Users can also create profiles on the site, search for compatible matches based on criteria such as age or location, and receive feedback from Three Day Rule’s team of professional matchmakers. Some advantages of using this service include being able to connect with people who are looking for serious relationships rather than casual encounters; having more control over your profile by creating it yourself; and receiving expert advice from experienced professionals about how best to navigate online dating sites like Three Day Rule’s own platform. Disadvantages may include higher costs associated with premium membership plans compared to other free services available online; lack of flexibility when it comes time limits imposed by subscription packages; limited ability in terms of searching beyond what is provided within one’s geographic region or preferences set forth at sign-up stage etc..

The difference between the website version versus app version is that while both offer similar features such as creating a profile page which allows you view other members’ information including photos & bios along w/the option sending messages back & forth -the mobile application gives its user even greater accessibility since they can use it anytime anywhere without needing internet connection unlike web versions where users must be connected via Wi-Fi or data plan . Additionally , some features found only within app version might not be available thru desktop browser due certain restrictions related device compatibility issues (iPad vs iPhone). At present there isn’t any official stand alone website offered under name “Three day rule" but company does have active presence across multiple social media platforms (Facebook , Instagram) where interested parties could find out more info regarding current offerings /services rendered .

Safety & Security

Three Day Rule is committed to providing its users with a secure and safe online dating experience. The app has implemented several security measures to ensure that all user data remains private, including verification methods for users. All accounts must be verified through an email address or phone number before they can access the platform, which helps protect against bots and fake accounts from infiltrating the system. Three Day Rule also manually reviews photos uploaded by members in order to verify their authenticity; this ensures that no malicious content makes it onto the site or app. Furthermore, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is available as an extra layer of protection for user profiles – 2FA requires two separate forms of authentication when logging into your account so only you have access to your profile information at any given time. Finally, Three Day Rule’s privacy policy outlines how personal data will be collected and used by both parties involved in using their services; these policies are designed with safety as top priority while still allowing users full control over who sees what information about them on the platform

Pricing and Benefits

Paid Subscription on Three Day Rule

Three Day Rule is a matchmaking service that helps users find their perfect partner. The app offers two different subscription plans: the Basic Plan and the Premium Plan. Both of these plans offer access to personalized matching services, but there are some key differences between them.

The Basic plan costs $99 per month and provides access to basic features such as profile creation, messaging other members, photo uploads, and one-on-one consultations with a matchmaker every three months. It also includes an online community where users can interact with each other in order to get advice or share experiences about dating life in general.

On the other hand, for those who want more comprehensive services from Three Day Rule’s team of experts they have available their Premium plan which costs $299 per month (or you can pay it all at once for only $999). This option allows you not only to use all of what was mentioned before but also adds additional benefits like unlimited personal consultations with your own dedicated matchmaker throughout your membership period; exclusive events organized by Three day rule; priority status when looking for matches through its database; full review/editing privileges over any profiles created within 3DR system plus much more!

When it comes down comparing prices among similar apps out there we must say that even though this might be considered somewhat expensive compared others offering same type of services (which usually range around 50$ -100$ monthly) , if you consider how many advantages come along getting premium account then we could definitely say it’s worth investing into something like this especially if finding true love is really important goal right now .

In case user decides he wants cancel his subscription anytime during his contract term , process would be pretty straightforward : just contact customer support via email or phone call provided inside application itself ; refunds will depend upon individual situation so best thing do here would probably talk directly representative from company first .

Help & Support

Three Day Rule offers a variety of support options to its customers. The first way you can access help is through their website. On the homepage, there are links for customer service and technical support that will direct you to contact forms where you can submit your query or issue with Three Day Rule’s services. You may also email them directly at [email protected] if needed, and they typically respond within 24 hours during business days (Monday-Friday).

The second option for getting assistance from Three Day Rule is by phone call; their team provides both domestic and international telephone numbers so that customers in different countries can reach out easily without having any difficulties due to language barriers or time zones differences. They usually have a response time of 15 minutes on average when contacted via phone call which makes it an ideal choice if urgent matters need attention quickly as opposed to waiting up until the next day after submitting an inquiry online or sending an email message over night..

Finally, those who prefer self-service solutions may find answers more quickly by visiting the FAQ page on ThreeDayRule’s website which contains helpful information about commonly asked questions related topics such as account management, payment methods accepted etcetera . It should be noted however that this method does not provide personalized responses like contacting customer service would do but instead only gives general advice regarding certain issues users might encounter while using three day rule’s services


1. Is Three Day Rule safe?

Yes, Three Day Rule is a safe and secure way to meet potential partners. The company has been featured in major media outlets such as the New York Times, Good Morning America, and Today Show for its commitment to safety and security of its members. They use an extensive screening process that includes background checks on all applicants before they are accepted into their program. Additionally, they have strict rules about online behavior including no harassing or offensive language allowed when communicating with other members through their platform. Finally, Three Day Rule also offers 24/7 customer service support so you can get help if needed anytime day or night should any issues arise during your experience with them.

2. Is Three Day Rule a real dating site with real users?

Yes, Three Day Rule is a real dating site with real users. The website was founded in 2013 by Talia Goldstein and has since grown to become one of the most popular matchmaking services for singles looking for meaningful relationships. It offers an exclusive service that combines traditional matchmaking with modern technology to help its members find compatible partners who are on their same wavelength. Unlike other online dating sites, Three Day Rule takes into account personal preferences such as lifestyle choices and values when finding potential matches so that users can have more meaningful connections with those they meet through the platform. Additionally, all profiles are verified before being accepted onto the site which ensures only genuine people use it – giving peace of mind to anyone using this service in search of love or companionship!

3. How to use Three Day Rule app?

Using the Three Day Rule app is a simple and straightforward process. First, you will need to create an account with your email address or Facebook profile. Once registered, you can start browsing through potential matches in your area by using filters such as age range, location preferences and interests. You also have the option of creating a detailed profile about yourself that includes information like career goals and lifestyle habits so that other users can get to know more about who they are potentially connecting with before taking things further.

Once connected with someone via the app’s messaging system or video chat feature (available on certain plans), it’s time for what makes this dating service unique: following their “Three Day Rule” policy which requires all members to wait three days after matching before initiating contact again – giving both parties some breathing room while getting acquainted without any pressure from either side! After those initial three days have passed though, feel free to reach out whenever ready – whether it be sending them a message directly within the platform itself or even suggesting meeting up in person if comfortable doing so!

4. Is Three Day Rule free?

No, Three Day Rule is not free. It is a premium matchmaking service that provides personalized matches and date coaching services to its members. The company offers three membership plans with different levels of access to their services depending on the plan chosen by the member. All memberships require an initial consultation fee in addition to monthly fees for ongoing support from professional matchmakers who work closely with each client throughout their journey towards finding love.

5. Is Three Day Rule working and can you find someone there?

Yes, Three Day Rule is working and it is possible to find someone there. The company has a team of professional matchmakers who use their expertise in relationship dynamics to help people find compatible partners. They also have an extensive database of singles from all over the world that can be accessed through their website or mobile app. Through this platform, users are able to create profiles and search for potential matches based on interests, values, lifestyle preferences and more. Additionally, they offer personalized coaching services as well as events where members can meet face-to-face with other likeminded individuals looking for love connections in person too!


In conclusion, Three Day Rule is a great app for finding partners for dating. It has an easy-to-use interface and offers a variety of features to help users find the perfect match. The design and usability are excellent, with intuitive navigation that makes it simple to use even if you’re not tech savvy. Safety and security measures are in place so users can be sure their data is safe while using the platform. Help & support services provide assistance when needed which helps keep user experience positive at all times. Finally, user profile quality on Three Day Rule is high as profiles have been verified by experts before being accepted onto the site – ensuring only genuine people join up looking for relationships or friendships rather than just casual hookups or flings! All in all, this review found that Three Day Rule provides an enjoyable service overall with no major areas needing improvement – making it one of our top picks when considering apps designed specifically for those seeking romantic connections online!

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