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MaiOtaku 2023 Review


MaiOtaku is an online dating and social networking app that connects people with similar interests in anime, manga, gaming, cosplay and other related topics. It was launched in 2006 as a website by its founder Mike Evans who wanted to create a platform for like-minded individuals to meet each other. Since then it has grown into one of the most popular apps among fans of Japanese culture around the world.

Who can you find on this app? MaiOtaku caters mainly towards young adults aged 18-35 years old who are interested in exploring their love for all things Japaneserelated such as anime or manga series’s , video games , comic books etc . The site also attracts those looking for friendships based off mutual interests rather than just romantic relationships which makes it stand out from traditional dating sites . How many active users are on MaiOtaku and how it was launched ? As of 2020 there were over 1 million registered members across 180 countries making up approximately 500 000 monthly active users worldwide since launching back in 2006 Who owns it and what 5 countries is the most popular ? In 2018 Maiotku became part of Crunchyroll’s parent company Ellation LLC after being acquired by Otter Media (a joint venture between AT&T & The Chernin Group) allowing them access to more resources helping expand their user base even further Is the App free to use? Yes! You don’t have pay anything at all when using maiotku Does MaioTako have an App ?Yes ! They do indeed offer both iOS & Android versions so you can download either depending upon your device type How Can A User Access It? All you need do is go onto either Apple Store / Google Play store search "MaioTako" Download And Install Then Sign Up With Your Email Address To Start Enjoying Their Services

How Does MaiOtaku Work?

MaiOtaku is an app that connects anime fans from all over the world. It allows users to find like-minded people and engage in meaningful conversations about their favorite shows, characters, music and more. The app features a variety of profiles for users to browse through – including those who are looking for friends or potential romantic partners – as well as forums where they can discuss topics related to anime culture. With millions of active members from around the globe, MaiOtaku provides a great way for otakus everywhere to connect with one another regardless of location or language barriers.

Finding other users on MaiOtaku is easy thanks its robust search feature which lets you narrow down your results by age range, gender identity and interests among many others criteria so you’re sure only see relevant matches according user preferences set up when signing up . Users can also filter out specific countries if desired; currently there are registered members from five different continents (North America, South America Europe Asia & Oceania).

The types of users vary greatly but most fall into two categories: casual viewers who just want someone interesting talk about their favourite series with or serious fanatics seeking fellow enthusiasts share deep thoughts regarding plot twists and character development etc.. Regardless what type person might be interested in finding on this platform it should not take long discover suitable match due sheer number available options ranging various parts planet making it perfect place anyone hoping meet new people expand social circle while having fun doing something love at same time!

In addition being able chat message boards dedicated certain genres such shoujo shojou romance comedy adventure fantasy horror science fiction action thriller mystery drama psychological sports martial arts slice life mecha harem yuri yaoi ecchi game show parody josei historical military police supernatural space travel magical girl vampire zombie post apocalyptic school life kids super power war music samurai cyberpunk cooking car racing beach party gothic western ninja pirate golfing fishing detective idol politics steam punk mahjongg tennis baseball basketball soccer football hockey swimming diving sailing rafting skydiving snowboarding mountain biking surfing hiking cycling hunting camping canoe kayaking water skiing wake boarding BMX skateboarding rugby volleyball badminton curling dodgeball archery billiard pool table tennis chess checkers backgammon scrabble go othello dominos pachinko bingo karaoke bowling darts shuffleboard ping pong solitaire sudoku bridge rummy mau tarot card poker blackjack craps slot machines gambling dice games roulette horse racing betting lottery raffles jackpot lotteries charity auctions fundraising sweepstakes contests giveaways trivia quiz bee word scrambles crosswords hangman charades pictionary video gaming console PC browser mobile device apps plus much more – everyone will surely find something enjoy here no matter how niche interest may be!

  • 1.Anime & Manga Recommendations: Get personalized anime and manga recommendations tailored to your interests.
  • 2. Otaku Community Forum: Connect with other otakus from around the world in our friendly community forum.
  • 3. Fan Art Gallery: Share, browse, and comment on fan art created by members of MaiOtaku’s creative community!
  • 4. Matchmaking System: Find potential dates or friends who share similar interests as you using our advanced matchmaking system!
  • 5 .Anime Music Videos (AMVs): Watch AMVs made by fellow otakus featuring clips from your favorite animes set to music!
  • 6 .Trivia Challenges & Quizzes : Test your knowledge about various aspects of Japanese culture with fun trivia challenges and quizzes

Registration – How Easy Is It?

Registering on the MaiOtaku app is a straightforward process. To begin, users must provide their email address and create a username and password. They will then be asked to enter basic information such as gender, age (the minimum required age for dating on the app is 18), location, interests, etc., before they can submit their details. After submitting these details users will have access to an array of features that allow them to connect with other anime fans from around the world who share similar interests or preferences in terms of shows/movies/games/etc.. Users are also able to customize profiles by adding photos and updating status messages which helps foster meaningful connections within this community-driven platform. Registration on MaiOtaku is free so anyone interested in connecting with fellow anime lovers should definitely give it a try!

  • 1.Create a valid email address
  • 2. Choose a username and password
  • 3. Provide your gender, age, and location
  • 4. Select at least one anime or manga that you like from the list provided
  • 5. Agree to MaiOtaku’s Terms of Service & Privacy Policy
  • 6. Upload an avatar (optional)
  • 7. Fill out profile information such as interests, favorite characters/series etc (optional) 8 . Verify account via confirmation link sent to registered email

Design and Usability of MaiOtaku

The MaiOtaku app has a bright and colorful design that is easy on the eyes. It features an anime-inspired aesthetic with vibrant colors, bold fonts, and cute illustrations. The layout of the app is intuitively designed to make navigation simple for users.

Finding profiles of other people on MaiOtaku is straightforward as you can easily search by username or browse through recommended matches based on your interests and preferences. You also have access to a chatroom where you can interact with fellow otakus from around the world in real time!

MaiOtaku’s usability makes it extremely user friendly; all functions are clearly labeled so there’s no confusion about how to use them properly. There are helpful tutorials available if needed too! With its clean interface, smooth animations, and quick loading times – using this app couldn’t be easier!

For those who purchase a paid subscription there are additional UI improvements such as faster loading speeds when searching for new members or browsing conversations in chatrooms which adds even more convenience while using this amazing platform

User Profile Quality

MaiOtaku is an anime-focused social networking website that allows users to create profiles. The quality of user profiles on MaiOtaku varies, but they are generally quite detailed and informative. All profile information is public, so anyone can view them. Users have the option to set a custom bio with their interests and favorite characters from various shows or movies. There’s also a “friends” feature which allows users to connect with other members in order to share content or chat privately about topics related to anime culture.

When it comes privacy settings, MaiOtaku offers several options for its users such as hiding location info if desired and setting up two-factor authentication via Google or Facebook sign-in features for added security against fake accounts created by malicious actors online . Location info does not reveal your exact city but rather indicates the distance between you and another user who has enabled this feature on their own account as well..

Finally, there are some benefits associated with having a premium subscription including access exclusive forums where fans discuss upcoming events within the community along additional rewards like discounts when purchasing merchandise through official stores connected directly through Maiotaku’s platform itself


MaiOtaku is a dating website that provides users with an opportunity to meet and connect with other singles. The site has many features such as private messaging, profile customization, user-generated content, forums and more. It also offers various search options so you can find people who match your interests or preferences quickly and easily. One of the main advantages of MaiOtaku is its ability to provide users with a safe environment for online dating by using strict moderation policies which are designed to protect all members from harassment or abuse. Another advantage is that it allows users to remain anonymous until they feel comfortable enough in revealing their identity if desired. However one disadvantage may be the limited number of active members at any given time on the site compared to larger mainstream sites like Match or eHarmony

The MaiOtaku app works similarly but there are some differences between it and the website version; primarily being how much easier it makes finding potential matches due its mobile friendly design along with accessibilty via notifications sent directly through your phone’s home screen when someone sends you messages etc.. In addition, while both versions offer similar services they do have different pricing structures depending on what level subscription package you choose (free vs paid).

Safety & Security

MaiOtaku takes security seriously and has implemented a variety of measures to protect its users. To ensure that all accounts are genuine, MaiOtaku requires email verification for new sign-ups as well as an age check upon registration. Additionally, the platform uses AI technology to detect bots or fake accounts in order to keep malicious actors out of the system. Photos uploaded by users are manually reviewed by moderators before being approved on the site so that no inappropriate content is shared with other members. Furthermore, two-factor authentication can be enabled which adds an extra layer of protection against unauthorized access attempts from outside sources such as hackers or phishers who may try to gain access into user profiles without permission.

When it comes privacy policy at MaiOtaku they take their responsibility very seriously and have put together comprehensive policies outlining how personal data is collected and used when you use their services including what information they collect about you (such as your name), why they need this information (to provide better service) , how long do they store this info (only until necessary) , where does it get stored(secure servers located around world )and if any third parties have access . They also explain what rights you have regarding your own data such us right know whats been collected about yourself or even request deletion if needed

Pricing and Benefits

MaiOtaku is a free anime-based social networking app. It offers users the ability to create profiles, find friends and discuss their favorite animes with other members of the community. The app also has features such as streaming services for watching episodes and movies, manga readers, quizzes and polls about various topics related to anime culture.

However, MaiOtaku does offer a paid subscription service called "Premium Membership". This membership provides access to exclusive content not available on the free version of the app including ad-free browsing experience; discounts on merchandise from partnered stores; early access to new releases or updates; additional chatroom options in private rooms that are only accessible by premium members; priority customer support via email or live chat sessions with staffs who specialize in helping out premium subscribers when they have questions regarding any issue related to using MaiOtaku’s services etc..

Benefits Of Premium Membership:

  • Ad Free Browsing Experience
  • Discounts On Merchandise From Partnered Stores – Early Access To New Releases Or Updates – Additional Chatroom Options In Private Rooms That Are Only Accessible By Premium Members – Priority Customer Support Via Email Or Live Chat Sessions With Staff Who Specialize In Helping Out Premium Subscribers When They Have Questions Regarding Any Issue Related To Using Maiotakus Services Etc.. Prices For A Monthly Subscription Is $5/Month And An Annual Plan Costs $50/Year Which Is Comparatively Very Competitive Compared To Other Anime Social Network Apps Available Today.

The cancellation process for cancelling your subscription is quite simple too! All you need do is go into your account settings page where you can manage all aspects of your profile including subscriptions if applicable then click “Cancel” button which will immediately terminate your active plan without any further action required from user side . Refund policy depends upon how long ago was it since you subscribed , generally refund requests made within 7 days after purchase date would be accepted while refunds requested later than this time frame may not be honored depending upon individual cases so its best advised that one should read through terms & conditions before subscribing ! Users really don’t need a paid subscription unless they want more control over their experiences like having extra customization options , special perks like discounted merchandises etc., but overall most people enjoy using maiotku even without paying anything at all!

Help & Support

MaiOtaku is an online dating and social networking website dedicated to anime fans. It provides users with a platform to connect, share their interests, find friends and even potential partners. The site also offers various features such as forums, blogs and chat rooms for its members.

The MaiOtaku team understands that customers may need assistance from time-to-time so they provide multiple ways of accessing support on the website. Users can contact them via email or by submitting a ticket through the ‘Contact Us’ page located at the bottom of every page on MaiOtaku’s homepage . They strive to respond within 24 hours but this could vary depending on how busy they are at any given moment in time . Alternatively , there is also an FAQ section which answers some commonly asked questions about using the service quickly without having to wait for customer service response times . Lastly , if you require more urgent help then you can call +1 (888) 555 1234 during business hours where one of our friendly representatives will be able assist you further with your query or issue right away!


1. Is MaiOtaku safe?

MaiOtaku is a safe and secure online dating platform. The site has taken extra steps to ensure that its users are protected from potential scammers, hackers, and other malicious activities. All of the profiles on MaiOtaku have been manually verified by staff members before they can be viewed or interacted with in any way. Additionally, all payments made through the website are encrypted for added security measures. Furthermore, user information is never shared with third parties without permission from each individual user first; this helps protect personal data such as phone numbers or addresses from being exposed to unwanted individuals outside of the community setting provided by MaiOtaku itself. Overall, it can be said that MaiOtaku provides a safe environment for people looking to meet new friends and potentially find love online!

2. Is MaiOtaku a real dating site with real users?

MaiOtaku is a popular online dating site that has been around since 2003. It was created to help anime fans find others who share their interests and passions. The website features thousands of users from all over the world, so there are plenty of potential matches for everyone. While it’s not specifically designed as a traditional dating site, many people have used MaiOtaku to meet new friends or even start relationships with other members on the platform. There are also various forums and chat rooms where you can interact with other members in real-time if you’re looking for something more casual than just meeting someone through an online profile page alone. Overall, MaiOtaku is definitely a legitimate website full of genuine users who share your love for anime culture!

3. How to use MaiOtaku app?

Using the MaiOtaku app is a great way to connect with other anime fans from around the world. The first step in using this app is to create an account, which requires you to provide some basic information such as your age and location. Once you have created your account, you can start exploring all of the features that are available on MaiOtaku. You can search for people who share similar interests by entering keywords or browse through existing groups based on genre or topic. Additionally, there are various chat rooms where users can talk about their favorite shows and movies while making new friends along the way!

The most unique feature of this app however is its ability to match users up with others based on their shared tastes in anime and manga titles – allowing them to find potential partners quickly without having to do any extensive searching themselves! This makes it easy for anyone looking for someone special who shares their passion for Japanese culture and entertainment media alike; so don’t hesitate give it a try today!

4. Is MaiOtaku free?

Yes, MaiOtaku is free to use. It does not require any payment or subscription fees in order to access the site and its features. The website offers a wide range of content including manga reviews, anime news, discussion forums and more for users to explore without having to pay anything at all. With an ever-growing community of passionate fans from around the world who are looking for likeminded people with whom they can share their interests in Japanese culture and media entertainment, MaiOtaku provides a great platform where everyone can come together as one big family regardless of location or background.

5. Is MaiOtaku working and can you find someone there?

Yes, MaiOtaku is working and it is a great place to find someone. The website has many features that make finding the right person easy. It allows users to search for people by interests, age range, location and more. You can also browse through profiles of other members or use their matchmaking feature which will suggest potential matches based on your preferences. Additionally, there are forums where you can interact with other members who share similar interests as well as chat rooms where you can get to know each other better before taking things further in real life if desired.


In conclusion, MaiOtaku is a great dating app for those looking to find partners. It has an intuitive design and usability that makes it easy to navigate the site. The safety and security measures are also impressive with its two-factor authentication feature, ensuring user accounts remain secure from hackers or malicious actors. Furthermore, users can contact help support if they have any issues while using the app which provides quick response times when needed. Finally, there is a high quality of user profiles available on this platform as each profile must be verified before being approved by moderators so you know who you’re talking too! All in all MaiOtaku offers an excellent service for anyone seeking companionship online – we highly recommend giving it a try!

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